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Patio being cleanedFor those busy people that just want to make 1 call and not have to bother arranging their property maintenance again.

Here's how it works: If you're the sort of person that just wants to enjoy their free time and not worry about keeping everything bright and clean outside then this could be for you.

Of all the services that I provide, choose at least 3 that you would like to have done over a 12 month period. That could be a full conservatory clean in spring, a full patio clean ready for the summer barbeque weather and a regular monthly or 2 monthly window clean or maybe keeping those gutters and fascias clean and clear.

I would price each individual service that you require, divide the total cost by 12, you simply set up a standing monthly bank payment for that amount.

Clean conservatoryBelow is an example

6 x 2 monthly window cleans, total £90 over a year.

Conservatory Valet once a year @ £100

Patio or Driveway clean once a year @ £150

= £28.00 per month paid by DD

A Total Cleaning Program Made Affordable

Before After
Patio before cleaning Patio after cleaning
Patio before cleaning Patio after cleaning